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The Pediatric Feeding Clinic

The Pediatric Feeding Clinic at Speech Network is the premiere pediatric feeding program in the Lexington area with an outpatient feeding clinic to diagnose and treat difficulties related to breastfeeding, bottle feeding, transitions to solid foods or texture variety, and expanding diets of picky eaters.

Our clinic is equipped with an observation suite for parents and our therapists to watch evaluations and treatment sessions without interfering with the typical interactions between child and family during a meal time experience.


An individualized program
The Speech Network offers evaluation and treatment of pediatric feeding disorders including motor-based, sensory-based, and behaviorally-based feeding difficulties.

Our therapists have specialized training in evaluating tongue tie and lip tie to rule out contribution of this orofacial difference when early feeding difficulties like shallow latch, frequent relatching/falling off during feedings, clicking or popping, and munch like jaw patterns are noted.  Older children may present with difficulties transitioning to pureed baby foods at different stages or to table solids.

Motor based difficulties often lead to a selective or restricted diet and impact weight gain and growth for some children.  Systematic oral motor programs can be combined with desensitization for optimal progress.  Sensory responses to the visual, auditory, tactile (touch), and gustatory (smell) qualities of foods can be addressed through systematic and individualized programming at our clinic that can be easily carried over to the home setting with a home program designed for your family.