The Speech Network family of clinics provides speech, language, feeding, and orofacial myofunctional services to early intervention and school aged children. Our therapists are First Steps providers for the state funded 0-3 year old in-home program and provide EPSDT services.

The Pediatric Feeding Clinic

A premiere pediatric feeding program in the Lexington area with an outpatient feeding clinic to diagnose and treat difficulties related to breastfeeding, bottle feeding, tongue/lip tie, tube feed transitions, transitions to solid food, and selective eating that impacts weight gain and growth.

The Speech Network

A speech-language therapy clinic focused on providing individualized intervention for speech sound production, language, and play based difficulties that ensure a child can engage and interact in their environment.

The Orofacial Myology Clinic

Remediation of thumb sucking, nail biting, forward tongue & open lip postures, tongue thrust swallow, and other difficulties with chewing & swallowing supporting development of the orofacial structures.

What’s New

  • Upcoming Pediatric Enrichment Groups

    The Speech Network offers enrichment groups to provide additional support for speech and language development, early literacy development, feeding skills, social skills and more. Our group programs are geared toward children who may already be receiving services but need more support or for those that are showing only slight differences from their peers but continue to struggle.

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  • What is Orofacial Myology?

    Orofacial myology includes the evaluation and treatment of abnormal structure and/or fucntioning of the tongue, lips, and jaw (orofacial complex) in relation to oral rest postures, swallowing/chewing, and speech.  The prevalence of Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders has been found to range from 38% in the general population to 81% in children with speech production difficulties.  Often children who have been in an articulation therapy program respond more quickly to treatment for sound production when an orofacial myofunctional program is integrated into their intervention.

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Upcoming Events

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